An engagement shoot out in nature

Shai and Patrick are a lovely young couple from Brisbane and we're so excited to be photographing their wedding later on this year. First they wanted to have an engagement shoot as part of the buildup to the wedding - its also a wonderful opportunity for us all to get to know each other, so they can see how we work and be more comfortable in front of our cameras on the big day. Due to the floods in March many of the places we would usually suggest for a photo shoot were either very muddy or filled with debris. So we suggested doing the shoot on our property instead as we are up higher and also had a section of creek that didn't look too trashed by the floods. We felt the photos came up pretty well - what do you think? Their beautiful 10 year old koolie, Rus, is going to be best-dog at the wedding, so he needed to get in on the action on this day too. The purple Kingswood (and a red Falcon) are also going to have starring roles. Make sure to look out for a cameo by our llama, Berry, at the end of this shoot. We're looking forward to their wedding and hoping for a beautiful sunny late winter day!
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