A beautiful wedding in the ACT

What a beautiful wedding! Aisha and Rainis's heartwarming wedding weekend was our first opportunity to capture a wedding in Canberra and on top of that it was a very multi-cultural affair, bringing together their Sikh, Ukrainian, Latvia and Japanese family heritages! Before the wedding day, there was a very colourful Sangeet, welcoming Rainis into the family. The wedding was a very serene and spiritual ceremony held at the Canberra Sukyo Mahikari Centre. And for the bridal photos we really took advantage of some of Canberra's unique architecture and parks to capture some special and fun moments. We enjoyed our time with Aisha and Rainis so much, and were very moved by the amount of love in the room, not just between this special couple but by all their families and friends. We wish them and their families deep joy throughout the years to come.
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Marli and the Creek

We had wanted to do another photo session with the lovely Marli Pearl, and she was very keen to do one involving water, so we waited until the warm weather last summer. We found a quiet and secluded section of Smiths Creek near Uki and tried two different outfits. She had brought many more, but the white transparent one was working so well with her beauty and the setting that we continued with that. Marli usually smiles and giggles a lot, but here she showed us more of the energy of the woman she is becoming. What do you think? If you would like to do a shoot like this just let us know here.
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An engagement shoot out in nature

Shai and Patrick are a lovely young couple from Brisbane and we're so excited to be photographing their wedding later on this year. First they wanted to have an engagement shoot as part of the buildup to the wedding - its also a wonderful opportunity for us all to get to know each other, so they can see how we work and be more comfortable in front of our cameras on the big day. Due to the floods in March many of the places we would usually suggest for a photo shoot were either very muddy or filled with debris. So we suggested doing the shoot on our property instead as we are up higher and also had a section of creek that didn't look too trashed by the floods. We felt the photos came up pretty well - what do you think? Their beautiful 10 year old koolie, Rus, is going to be best-dog at the wedding, so he needed to get in on the action on this day too. The purple Kingswood (and a red Falcon) are also going to have starring roles. Make sure to look out for a cameo by our llama, Berry, at the end of this shoot. We're looking forward to their wedding and hoping for a beautiful sunny late winter day!
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A natural beauty

We had the feeling that lovely Marli Pearl would be great in front of the camera, but she surprised herself and us. She had so many different looks, it was hard to pick our favourites. This was a quick shoot at our place and Perri tried out a few different colour edits. We're all looking forward to doing a longer shoot soon, hopefully involving a rainforest creek. Watch this space!
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An Author Shoot

We were asked by Dr. Kerry Howells to create some headshots so she could choose one as the author photo for her upcoming book: Untangling You / How can I be Grateful when I Feel so Resentful? With the other photos to be used on her website and other promotional avenues. Her hair and makeup were done by the wonderful Robyn Foggo who also works on the brides at most of the elopements we photograph. We aimed for a soft and natural look - it was a breezy day, but we found some good backgrounds to create some varied looks. What do you think?
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An Oldie but a Goodie

Catherine and James's wedding may have taken place 3 years ago this month (May the 4th be with you!) but it remains one of our favourites. I was looking at the slideshow we did from the day's photos and it brought back so much of the beauty and fun of that day. We hope you enjoy it too and will think of one of our packages with a slideshow as a good alternative to videography.
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Micro-weddings and elopements at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat, is such a stunning high-end retreat, with some of the most amazing surroundings we've seen. From some of the larger lodges you gaze across wild rainforest straight up to the Springbrook Escarpment. Wedding ceremonies can be held at your lodge, but are often held under a towering figtree by a pristine rainforest creek. Only very small weddings (8 guests I think) or elopements can be held here, for the peace and privacy of other guests, as this a couples retreat. You can book your elopement or wedding with us, and your accommodation directly with Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat. We can help you find a celebrant, makeup and hair whiz and a florist from our local area too. We know you won't regret it!
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Videoing an elopement

Though our main work is as photographers, we've also built up our skills in video production in the last few years. We were recently engaged to video a lovely elopement at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat. Louise and Lee were such a sweet couple, she is so bubbly and the outlook from the lodge they were staying in is one of the best I've ever seen! We had so much fun doing this - hope you enjoy it too!

A profile shoot for a website

Our client, Maya, had a vision of the images she wanted, a blend of ceremony, (she is a celebrant), nature, fashion and business - not much left out with that! We found some beautiful spots in a close proximity at the base of Wollumbin / Mt. Warning. Maya isn't afraid of strong light, so used that for some of these images to show her strength and passion, as well as some other techniques that we feel show her inner (sometimes hidden) softer side.
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Elopements during these 'interesting' times

I really feel for our clients - and everyone- who are trying to plan a wedding this year amid all the uncertainty around border closures and lockdowns. Even more couples are exploring the option of eloping this year and having a big party for family and friends at a later date in order to reduce the worry. As well as photographing elopements we've teamed up with our lovely celebrant, Lucille Campeanu to offer more extensive elopement packages that can also include flowers and hair and makeup. See Rainforest and Country Elopements for more information. So if you're interested in eloping to The Tweed Valley (or other Northern Rivers spots) we may have the locations and inclusions that you are looking for. Here are some photos of elopements we've done with Lucille.

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A new blog for us

A few years ago I moved my blog over to Tumbler. Why - because I loved the way it looked! (this is the sort of thing I do - prioritising beauty over function at times). I now have new tools to play with so I'm moving the blog back to within our website. If you'd like to see our old blogs, they are still here. My plans for the new blog? Of course still highlighting recent weddings and shoots, but also showing off our local area and some of the great venues and providers around here, plus anything else that I think might interest you.
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