A family birthday at Mavis's Kitchen, Mt. Warning

Last month we were engaged to do a family portrait session before a special birthday lunch at Mavis's Kitchen in the Tweed Valley, with the aim of a great photo showing the whole family that could them be printed up as a gift and displayed in their parent's home. They didn't want to spend a lot of time moving from location to location (that delicious food was calling) and with a three year old and a baby as part of the shoot we needed to keep things flowing quickly to keep their attention. Here are a few of our favourites including some candid shots taken along the way - we just can't help ourselves!

Maggies birthday_006

Maggies birthday_116

Maggies birthday_002

Maggies birthday_013

Maggies birthday_030

Maggies birthday_039

Maggies birthday_063

Maggies birthday_065

Maggies birthday_092

Maggies birthday_093

Maggies birthday_097

Maggies birthday_102

Maggies birthday_113

Maggies birthday_114

Jeremy's slideshow

Here is a link to slideshow of a recent family portrait shoot with two great little guys and their parents:

Jeremy 076

Red Tent Festival

I had a fantastic experience doing over 20 indoor portrait sessions on the one day at the recent Red Tent Festival held at Mullumbimby. Met so many beautiful women, babies and bellies! Everyone was so friendly and appreciative and I was pleased with results considering I don’t usually rely so much on flash - preferring to use as much natural light as possible. It was so good to see women of all ages talking, laughing and sharing such crucial knowledge and experience with each other. Here are a few photos from the day.















Ethan turns 1

Last year we had this informal photo shoot to capture young Ethan’s first birthday. We like the one of him using his “mobile”, but were most pleased of the ones with his amber necklaces. The small necklace is to help with his teething. The large one belonged to his great-great grandmother and came from Estonia.








A new person in the family

Wednesday saw the slow entrance of little Ethan Riley into the world and into our lives. Well done Melissa and Ashleigh! As the proud grandparents we had a short time to get to meet him yesterday and the opportunity to take our first photos of him. We are looking forward to our next photo session with them (as well as a lifetime of the happiness of knowing him).

Rhyla's first birthday

Just a few days before Rhyla’s first birthday, we had the pleasure of photographing her and her parents. Erin and Dave, at their breathtaking property, below the Springbrook Range, in the Gold Coast Hinterland. We used Rhyla’s favourite places as our outdoor studios, that is the beautiful creek that flows through Natural Bridge and the family’s organic garden.
Rhyla seemed to lap up the attention and left the camera shyness to Dave (we got some great ones of him too though). Once again through our photography, we had the privilege to meet some genuinely lovely people and to see yet another stunning part of our country.

I love photographing babies!!

The past few weeks we had two great photo sessions with babies and their loving families.
The first was with Jessie who was about 9 days old. I just love that slightly other-worldly newborn look as well as watching all the interactions. Here are a few images that aren’t on our main website.

The next week we met up with Renae who we had photographed at two stages of her pregnancy with Lohwana. This gorgeous active little bundle is now 6 months old and already quite at home in front of the camera (well Mum was a model). After a couple of hours of fun, Lohwana had a brief nap and we were able to catch our favourite image of the day: the black and white shown below. Some more images are on our main site.

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