A family birthday at Mavis's Kitchen, Mt. Warning

Last month we were engaged to do a family portrait session before a special birthday lunch at Mavis's Kitchen in the Tweed Valley, with the aim of a great photo showing the whole family that could them be printed up as a gift and displayed in their parent's home. They didn't want to spend a lot of time moving from location to location (that delicious food was calling) and with a three year old and a baby as part of the shoot we needed to keep things flowing quickly to keep their attention. Here are a few of our favourites including some candid shots taken along the way - we just can't help ourselves!

Maggies birthday_006

Maggies birthday_116

Maggies birthday_002

Maggies birthday_013

Maggies birthday_030

Maggies birthday_039

Maggies birthday_063

Maggies birthday_065

Maggies birthday_092

Maggies birthday_093

Maggies birthday_097

Maggies birthday_102

Maggies birthday_113

Maggies birthday_114

A professional and family shoot combined

We met Bob and Amelia through their business, Fig Jam, but they are not foodies, rather experts in E-commerce, MySQL etc. They engaged us to take some professional but relaxed portraits for a work-related website. While there and all set up we also did a short family photo shoot with their gorgeous daughters - quick and pain-free for all involved!

Axford family 030

Axford family 033

Axford family 021

Axford family 038

Axford family 048

Axford family 054

Axford family 064

Axford family 083


For quite a while I had been wanting to photograph Jasper. His sensitivity and quiet self-confidence and slightly puckish appearance fascinate me - and I wanted to catch that time where he still has a lot of the child in him, while the teenager and future man is starting to appear. While Jasper and I explored the creeks and special trees on their farm, Alan took photos of the girls and though it was a playful shoot we were pleased with those photos too. Here are some of our favourites:









Father and Son

With Tom about to start school next year, his grandmother,Rosemary, decided to commission us for a portrait session of Tom with his father John (a well-known potter with a great little gallery in Chillingham) to mark this transition in their lives.
As it turned out, Tom had just received his new school uniform on the day that we were to photograph them and he was very reluctant to take it off! The chooks are a big part of Tom’s life - even sitting on his lap to watch TV!
The family were really happy with the photos; Rosemary’s only complaint was that it was hard to choose which she liked best for prints. We also did a slideshow (part of our portrait shoot packages) that came together really well. We’ll try to put a version of it up soon.

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