A creekside wedding at Amazing Wollumbin Palms Retreat

It was on a very hot November day that Jackie and Greg had their intimate wedding at Wollumbin Palms Retreat under the magnificent Mount Warning. Twelve of their closest family joined them for the ceremony conducted by the lovely Lucille Brace. Jackie and Greg didn't hesitate when we suggested the creek for their personal photos. We wished we could have jumped in there with them! Just for fun, here are some favourite photos in reverse order to the flow.

Wollumbin palms at Mount Warning

Jackie and Greg_242

Wollumbin palms at Mount Warning

Jackie and Greg_220

Jackie and Greg_194

Jackie and Greg_187

Jackie and Greg_182

Jackie and Greg_165

Jackie and Greg_156

Jackie and Greg_126

Jackie and Greg_068

Jackie and Greg_020

Sylvia and the creek

The other day we went creekside with the very lovely Sylvia Fenwick (who we first met at the Uplift Festival) for an artistic co-creation. The light was slipping behind the hill as we reached the creek, which solved the dappled light problem and created a more moody atmosphere. Alan was wanting to play with some very long exposures to blur the water movement and Sylvia did a fantastic job of keeping still for 4 or 5 seconds at a time. Sylvia was 21 weeks pregnant so her beautiful little bump was very present in all our thoughts.
We can't wait to do some more photographic explorations with Sylvia and some great ideas are already bubbling between us. Hope you enjoy these!



5D3_5042 1











5D315057 1

5D315069 1

Erin and Jace at Wollumbin Palms

Last Saturday a break in the weather allowed Erin and Jace (from down Newcastle way) to get married in the sunshine - on the second shortest day of the year. Te ceremony was simple but very moving and was followed by a short but enjoyable portrait session. Their favourite images (and ours) were taken down by the creek with that stunning afternoon glow. The venue, Wollumbin Palms, on Mount Warning Road, is the perfect venue for a private ceremony or elopement and Erin and Jace stayed on at one of the very luxurious lodges. It was the first time we’d met the celebrant, Elizabeth Lord, and she did a beautiful job! Thanks again to Phil and Casey who looked after us all.

Erin and Jace 032

Erin and Jace 116

Erin and Jace 132

Erin and Jace 162

Erin and Jace 180

Erin and Jace 187

Erin and Jace 194

Erin and Jace 210

Erin and Jace 226

Erin and Jace 239

Erin and Jace 243

Erin and Jace 273

Erin and Jace 286

Erin and Jace 300

Erin and Jace 321

Erin and Jace 325

An elopement at Amazing Wollumbin Palms

Just before Christmas, we photographed Lizzie and Sean’s elopement which they had at Amazing Wollumbin Palms. If you ever want a complete getaway or a very small wedding, this is the place! Even though it was raining close by, the clouds held together and we were able to catch some lovely moments at the ceremony, then down by the creek with its great stone stacks and then at Mavis’s Kitchen where Lizzie and Sean had lunch with their family. They are a lovely couple and we wish them every happiness!

Lizzie & Sean 239

Lizzie & Sean 224


Lizzie & Sean 065 BW

Lizzie & Sean 079 BW

Lizzie & Sean 156

Lizzie & Sean 269

Lizzie & Sean 283

Lizzie & Sean 311b

Lizzie & Sean 317

Lizzie & Sean 416

Lizzie & Sean 431

Lizzie & Sean 470

Lizzie & Sean 504

Birth of a nature spirit

What a courageous model Gabrielle (Wheelie Wicked Womyn) turned out to be. Must be those years of roller derby that toughened her up! Our prearranged dawn shoot turned out to be the coldest day of the year so far. (Well cold for the Tweed Valley and fairly cool for sitting in a pool in the creek for half an hour!) Alan’s pre-visualized image of the birth of a nature spirit came together really well with the light of the baby (aka the flash) lighting up the beautiful trees and rocks. We then moved into a more usual portrait shoot of Gabrielle in some of her favourite clothes - she had never actually worn the stunning coat dress in the last images before. Thanks again Gabrielle.

Gabrielle 008

Gabrielle 021

Gabrielle 074

Gabrielle 094

Gabrielle 124

Gabrielle 136

Gabrielle 165

Gabrielle 192

Rhyla's first birthday

Just a few days before Rhyla’s first birthday, we had the pleasure of photographing her and her parents. Erin and Dave, at their breathtaking property, below the Springbrook Range, in the Gold Coast Hinterland. We used Rhyla’s favourite places as our outdoor studios, that is the beautiful creek that flows through Natural Bridge and the family’s organic garden.
Rhyla seemed to lap up the attention and left the camera shyness to Dave (we got some great ones of him too though). Once again through our photography, we had the privilege to meet some genuinely lovely people and to see yet another stunning part of our country.

A girl and her horse

Amy was keen to have some photos with her pony, Beacon, who she’s been riding since she was 11. This was a great opportunity to get some images that we’d had in mind for a while, including capturing them in motion:

Amy has a lovely youthful spirit (despite being all of 25) and a bit of an elvish look, so we also had fun with her fairy wings and put her up a tree!

Also used the flash to capture something different down by the creek. Amy is a hairdresser, working at Uki and Brunswick Heads and did a great job doing her own hair and makeup as well as modelling.

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