A family birthday at Mavis's Kitchen, Mt. Warning

Last month we were engaged to do a family portrait session before a special birthday lunch at Mavis's Kitchen in the Tweed Valley, with the aim of a great photo showing the whole family that could them be printed up as a gift and displayed in their parent's home. They didn't want to spend a lot of time moving from location to location (that delicious food was calling) and with a three year old and a baby as part of the shoot we needed to keep things flowing quickly to keep their attention. Here are a few of our favourites including some candid shots taken along the way - we just can't help ourselves!

Maggies birthday_006

Maggies birthday_116

Maggies birthday_002

Maggies birthday_013

Maggies birthday_030

Maggies birthday_039

Maggies birthday_063

Maggies birthday_065

Maggies birthday_092

Maggies birthday_093

Maggies birthday_097

Maggies birthday_102

Maggies birthday_113

Maggies birthday_114

Smash that Cake!

Earlier this year, we were engaged for our first ever smash-cake photo session. Excuse our ignorance, we'd never even heard of such a thing! Undaunted by visions of icing and cream all over our lenses we turned up to the ever-charming Mavis's Kitchen on Mount Warning Road. The garden and the weather were picture perfect and the whole family were so lovely and welcoming. We had some delicious afternoon tea together, a stroll through the garden, then onto the main event. Even though Mum (we were asked not to use their real names) had her vision of smash cake heaven, she was still very relaxed, knowing that life with little ones is always unpredictable. After some coaxing the birthday one got stuck into that gorgeous apricot coloured cake with assistance from her older brother. Here are some of our favourites below. So now we are no longer smash-cake virgins, feel free to invite us to your next birthday party!






















On the hill at Mavises Kitchen

Petrina and Jeremy let us know that they wanted an intimate and informal wedding that celebrated their family especially their two gorgeous girls. They were surrounded by beautifully supportive friends and family that helped create just that, and we hope our photographs reflect that. Petrina and the girls got ready at Ecoasis, near Uki in the Tweed Valley, then travelled in her brothers gorgeous restored old Holden to Mavis’s Kitchen where the ceremony was held in the open air, surrounded by the amazing ranges including Mount Warning. The reception was then held in the restaurant that Petrina said had inspired them to finally get married, with that famous Mavis’s Kitchen ambience and hospitality. A beautiful day from beginning to end!

J and P 054

J and P 119

J and P 225

J and P 234

J and P 284

J and P 326

J and P 346

Mount Warning wedding

J and P 440

J and P 470

J and P 487

J and P 596

J and P 702

J and P 792

J and P 825

J and P 846

J and P 919

J and P 950

J and P 1029

J and P 1162

A spring wedding at Mavis's Kitchen

On a sunny spring day under the watch of Mount Warning, Kathy and Rob finally tied the knot, 10 years after Rob proposed and 20 years after they first got together. The three boys who came along in the meantime had a great time running around the beautiful and very natural grounds of Mavis’s Kitchen with their cousins and friends, while Kathy and Brooke (who is one of the sweetest most supportive bridesmaids ever) got ready at the Log Cabin there. The proprietors Peter and Charlie are always warm and friendly hosts and the ceremony, the canapés and reception dinner just flowed, giving Kathy and Rob exactly the relaxing joyful celebration they’d be hoping to create. Our warm wishes to the whole family!

Kathy_Rob 007

Kathy_Rob 080

Kathy_Rob 084

Kathy_Rob 092

Kathy_Rob 150

Kathy_Rob 161

Kathy_Rob 187

Kathy_Rob 243

Kathy_Rob 351

Kathy_Rob 371

Kathy_Rob 478

Kathy_Rob 494

Kathy_Rob 538

Kathy_Rob 565

Kathy_Rob 577

Kathy_Rob 599

Kathy_Rob 619

Kathy_Rob 641

Kathy_Rob 685

Kathy_Rob 701

Kathy_Rob 705

Kathy_Rob 747

Kathy_Rob 765

Kathy_Rob 797

Kathy_Rob 831

Kathy_Rob 847

A softly coloured wedding

Last month we shot our first wedding at Mavis’s Kitchen. It is a wonderful venue for both ceremonies on the hill and feasts at the restaurant, so we’re glad we’ve broken that drought! Mount Warning stayed clear of cloud all afternoon and the cloud cover made for soft light and some drama in the sky, which was a good match for Rosie’s beautiful vintage dress and the soft range of colours of the bridesmaids dresses and the protea bouquets. Rosie and Jay then had some fun with us down by the river (the Tweed) before joining their guests for the reception. My favourite photo - hard to pick, but maybe the one with the balloons on the combi?

Rosie and Jay 003

Rosie and Jay 035

Rosie and Jay 072

Rosie and Jay 092

Rosie and Jay 112

Rosie and Jay 135

Rosie and Jay 194

Rosie and Jay 301

Rosie and Jay 327

Rosie and Jay 366

Rosie and Jay 446

Rosie and Jay 472

Rosie and Jay 504

Rosie and Jay 581

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