Small but very special weddings

A small wedding or an elopements is the perfect choice for some couples - how about you? There are a few elopement hotspots in Australia, Broome and Montville spring to mind. The Tweed Valley in Northern New South Wales could become one too - not so far from the eastern capital cities and with such beautiful surroundings, a range of unique accommodation possibilities and such friendly people! We often photograph small weddings and elopements at Mt Warning Rainforest Retreat on Mount Warning Road and they are all special occasions with the simplicity of the arrangements putting the emphasis right onto the couple and the reasons they want to make that bond. Here are some photos of a recent small wedding there. They didn't want us to write much about them, but I thing these few photos tell some of their story and show the love that was bubbling out of them:


Jillian and Evan_023

Jillian and Evan_068

Jillian and Evan_143

Jillian and Evan_230

Jillian and Evan_268

Jillian and Evan_328



Jillian and Evan_337

Second love with Thai style

Deborah and Clive are so lucky to have friends with such a beautiful home in the mountains! The drizzling rain gently fell on Silk Pavilions that day and the Thai styled pavilions were perfect for their preparations and for the ceremony. Debbie looked amazing in her coffee coloured lace gown and her daughter and sister were the elegant bridesmaids. After the wedding the clouds lifted a little to show everyone the stunning views and allow us to go for a stroll with Debbie and Clive through the beautiful grounds looking for those sweet spots.

Deborah and Clive_011

Deborah and Clive_013

Deborah and Clive_062

Deborah and Clive_082

Deborah and Clive_098

Deborah and Clive_101

Deborah and Clive_198

Deborah and Clive_226

Deborah and Clive_240

Deborah and Clive_333

Deborah and Clive_404

Deborah and Clive_458

Deborah and Clive_461

Deborah and Clive_522

Deborah and Clive_569

Deborah and Clive_647

Deborah and Clive_663

Deborah and Clive_668

Deborah and Clive_719

Deborah and Clive_780

Deborah and Clive_835

Deborah and Clive_864

Deborah and Clive_883

Deborah and Clive_940

Deborah and Clive_1021

Deborah and Clive_1129

A hill-top wedding shoot

Last month we met up with Barney and Sarah whose wedding we photographed back in April. The wet weather back then prevented us from accessing a beautiful hill-top that is part of Midginbil Hill and the giant fig-tree where they had hoped to hold the wedding. We met up with Barney and Sarah at Silk Pavilions at Mt. Burrell to take some extra photos with the amazing outlook there. We then made it to the fig-tree just before sunset and were able to capture some beautiful images through a combination of the fading light and our portable flash lighting. They are really happy with the results. Here are a few of our favourites:

B and S June 037

B and S June 053

B and S June 069

B and S June 082

B and S June 093

B and S June 106

B and S June 124

B and S June 134

B and S June 148

A wedding high on Mt. Burrell

Barney and Sarah had long been planning to have their wedding on the beautiful hilltop under the old fig tree at Midginbil Hill on the south-western side of the Tweed Valley. The week of showery weather persisted up to the morning of the wedding, making the track up to the hill very difficult, so they moved to Plan B, to hold the wedding at nearby Crams’ Farm, overlooking the dam and Mount Warning. But it was too muddy and far from shelter there, so Sue and John from Silk Pavilions very flexibly allowed them to move the ceremony there, where Sarah and her family were staying. We were all rewarded with clear weather around us and stunning clouds and sun rays on the Border Ranges in the distance. The wedding was beautiful and was followed by a great reception and some wild dancing at the barn at Midginbil Hill. Our wedding present to Sarah and Barney was to offer them another photo session up by the fig tree when the weather improves. Stay posted!

Barney and Sarah 076

Barney and Sarah 040

Barney and Sarah 011

Barney and Sarah 052

Barney and Sarah 103

Barney and Sarah 183

Barney and Sarah 220

Barney and Sarah 241

Barney and Sarah 300
Barney and Sarah 405

Barney and Sarah 431

Barney and Sarah 526

Barney and Sarah 541

Barney and Sarah 545 BWBarney and Sarah 652

Barney and Sarah 573

Barney and Sarah 694

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