Small but very special weddings

A small wedding or an elopements is the perfect choice for some couples - how about you? There are a few elopement hotspots in Australia, Broome and Montville spring to mind. The Tweed Valley in Northern New South Wales could become one too - not so far from the eastern capital cities and with such beautiful surroundings, a range of unique accommodation possibilities and such friendly people! We often photograph small weddings and elopements at Mt Warning Rainforest Retreat on Mount Warning Road and they are all special occasions with the simplicity of the arrangements putting the emphasis right onto the couple and the reasons they want to make that bond. Here are some photos of a recent small wedding there. They didn't want us to write much about them, but I thing these few photos tell some of their story and show the love that was bubbling out of them:


Jillian and Evan_023

Jillian and Evan_068

Jillian and Evan_143

Jillian and Evan_230

Jillian and Evan_268

Jillian and Evan_328



Jillian and Evan_337

Second love with Thai style

Deborah and Clive are so lucky to have friends with such a beautiful home in the mountains! The drizzling rain gently fell on Silk Pavilions that day and the Thai styled pavilions were perfect for their preparations and for the ceremony. Debbie looked amazing in her coffee coloured lace gown and her daughter and sister were the elegant bridesmaids. After the wedding the clouds lifted a little to show everyone the stunning views and allow us to go for a stroll with Debbie and Clive through the beautiful grounds looking for those sweet spots.

Deborah and Clive_011

Deborah and Clive_013

Deborah and Clive_062

Deborah and Clive_082

Deborah and Clive_098

Deborah and Clive_101

Deborah and Clive_198

Deborah and Clive_226

Deborah and Clive_240

Deborah and Clive_333

Deborah and Clive_404

Deborah and Clive_458

Deborah and Clive_461

Deborah and Clive_522

Deborah and Clive_569

Deborah and Clive_647

Deborah and Clive_663

Deborah and Clive_668

Deborah and Clive_719

Deborah and Clive_780

Deborah and Clive_835

Deborah and Clive_864

Deborah and Clive_883

Deborah and Clive_940

Deborah and Clive_1021

Deborah and Clive_1129

A wedding between the storms

In the middle of a week of dramatic storms, Jessica and John had their long-awaited wedding at Midginbil Hill in the Tweed Valley hinterland. Jess had been dreaming and picturing for months the ceremony and celebrations under the spreading Lone Fig high on the hill. But the weather was against them and heavy rain and constant thunder washed that plan away. Their friends and family rallied together to make the barn where the reception was to be held ready for the ceremony instead. Tears of disappointment, of joy, of pride, of love and of laughter - it was an emotional roller coaster of a day. What shone through to us was how much this couple adore each other and how much this wedding was a true expression of that love.
As photographers, the weather was a challenge at times and a total gift at others. We especially loved the dramatic light and bruising clouds while we were at Cram’s Farm with John and Jess on the jetty. Moments later we were safe in our cars while a tropical style deluge rained down again.
We hope you get the sense of this very special day through this selection of images:

J and J 165

J and J 177
J and J 211

J and J 238

J and J 318

J and J 327

J and J 347

J and J 433

J and J 454

J and J 464

J and J 480

J and J 549

J and J 566

J and J 594

J and J 642

J and J 636

J and J 666

J and J 695

J and J 723

J and J 739

J and J 750

J and J 753

J and J 772

J and J 782

J and J 793

J and J 795

J and J 814

J and J 811

J and J 816

J and J 837

J and J 856

J and J 873

J and J 1201

J and J 1217

Under the figtree at Midginbil Hill

It’s not hard to see why the giant fig-tree at Midginbil Hill is such a popular place to hold a wedding ceremony - you are surrounded by a 360 degree panorama of the Tweed Valley, Mount Warning and the Nightcap Ranges. Last month we were there with Jessica and Angus and their families and friends, for a very sweet and heartfelt ceremony and celebration. We loved the Jessica’s mexican embroidered wedding dress, the tattooed vicar and how much everyone was blown away by the amazing views. The weather was sweet and sunny and matched the mood. Here are a few of our favourites:

J and A 003

J and A 023

J and A 034

J and A 087

J and A 141

J and A 177

J and A 232

J and A 368

J and A 471

J and A 505

J and A 511

J and A 513

J and A 535

J and A 564

J and A 568

A softly coloured wedding

Last month we shot our first wedding at Mavis’s Kitchen. It is a wonderful venue for both ceremonies on the hill and feasts at the restaurant, so we’re glad we’ve broken that drought! Mount Warning stayed clear of cloud all afternoon and the cloud cover made for soft light and some drama in the sky, which was a good match for Rosie’s beautiful vintage dress and the soft range of colours of the bridesmaids dresses and the protea bouquets. Rosie and Jay then had some fun with us down by the river (the Tweed) before joining their guests for the reception. My favourite photo - hard to pick, but maybe the one with the balloons on the combi?

Rosie and Jay 003

Rosie and Jay 035

Rosie and Jay 072

Rosie and Jay 092

Rosie and Jay 112

Rosie and Jay 135

Rosie and Jay 194

Rosie and Jay 301

Rosie and Jay 327

Rosie and Jay 366

Rosie and Jay 446

Rosie and Jay 472

Rosie and Jay 504

Rosie and Jay 581

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