High on a hill, high on love

Time has blown us into a new year and now I need to catch up on some blogging and other fun things. Here are a few photos from one of the most emotional weddings we have ever been part of. Kerry and Brie celebrated having been together for 15 years, by finally marrying surrounded by family and close friends on a hilltop farm in the Byron Hinterland. They've been through a lot together and you could certainly feel the enduring love these two have for each other and for everyone they share their lives with. A very relaxed reception party with all their friends followed on at the Wrens Rest at Minyon Falls. Here are just a few of our favourites from the day:

Kerry and Brie_001

Kerry and Brie_017

Kerry and Brie_022

Kerry and Brie_040

Kerry and Brie_062

Kerry and Brie_071

Kerry and Brie_113

Kerry and Brie_133

Kerry and Brie_155

Kerry and Brie_183

Kerry and Brie_210

Kerry and Brie_253

Kerry and Brie_255

Kerry and Brie_272

Kerry and Brie_295

Kerry and Brie_316

Kerry and Brie_363

Kerry and Brie_377

Kerry and Brie_384

Kerry and Brie_418

Kerry and Brie_445

Kerry and Brie_458

Kerry and Brie_467

Kerry and Brie_480

Kerry and Brie_540

A beautiful beach wedding at Currumbin

Nicola and Paul came all the way from Plymouth in the UK to get married on the Gold Coast with family who live here now as well as Paul’s son, Jack, and Nicola’s sister, Michelle, who also flew out for the wedding. They had their hearts set on a beach wedding at Currumbin with blue skies and white puffy clouds over the greeny-blue ocean. It was raining up until the day before the wedding so they were so thrilled that they were given everything they were hoping for and more. As photographers we loved the dramatic skies that developed just after the ceremony. They chose us as photographers for our story-telling abilities and were over-the-moon with the images as stand alone photos as well as the slideshow that we set to their chosen music. They had a beautiful lunchtime reception at the Elephant Rock Cafe - which we heartily recommend as a venue for a small wedding or for a meal any time. Hope you can feel some of the love, appreciation and joy that was flowing around on the day through the images below.

Nicola and Paul 062

Nicola and Paul 095

Nicola and Paul 097

Nicola and Paul 109

Nicola and Paul 168

Nicola and Paul 284

Nicola and Paul 352

Nicola and Paul 421

Nicola and Paul 540

Nicola and Paul 558

Nicola and Paul 617

Nicola and Paul 657

Nicola and Paul 766

Nicola and Paul 809

Nicola and Paul 824

Nicola and Paul 850

Nicola and Paul 878

Nicola and Paul 904

A softly coloured wedding

Last month we shot our first wedding at Mavis’s Kitchen. It is a wonderful venue for both ceremonies on the hill and feasts at the restaurant, so we’re glad we’ve broken that drought! Mount Warning stayed clear of cloud all afternoon and the cloud cover made for soft light and some drama in the sky, which was a good match for Rosie’s beautiful vintage dress and the soft range of colours of the bridesmaids dresses and the protea bouquets. Rosie and Jay then had some fun with us down by the river (the Tweed) before joining their guests for the reception. My favourite photo - hard to pick, but maybe the one with the balloons on the combi?

Rosie and Jay 003

Rosie and Jay 035

Rosie and Jay 072

Rosie and Jay 092

Rosie and Jay 112

Rosie and Jay 135

Rosie and Jay 194

Rosie and Jay 301

Rosie and Jay 327

Rosie and Jay 366

Rosie and Jay 446

Rosie and Jay 472

Rosie and Jay 504

Rosie and Jay 581

Local with a 50's twist

Last month we had the pleasure of shooting a real local wedding! Simone and Dennis are from Murwillumbah and went to Mount Saint Pat’s, as its known here. They had a full Catholic mass (a first for us) at Mount Saint Patricks church. Not a lot of light but it made for some stunning moments. For the photo sessions afterwards we went to Murwillumbah’s levy wall with its great wildlife mural (the lyre-birds seemed fascinated by the proceedings) then back to Bray Park where Simone grew up. A small park and the bridge over Dunbible Creek were meaningful backdrops for all that loving! Dennis was quite in love with the Dodge that they had for the day too. We then went to the Hitchens garden where the golden tabebuyas were flowering. It looked like we might get a storm, but it seems it was only there to make a great dramatic sky for the final photos. Then back to the reception at Greenhills on Tweed where Rebecca did a wonderful job as wedding decorator and coordinator. Our warmest wishes to both Simone and Dennis - they were a really sweet couple to photograph.


Simone and Dennis 203

Simone and Dennis 329

Simone and Dennis 339

Simone and Dennis 379

Simone and Dennis 489

Simone and Dennis 557

Simone and Dennis 600Simone and Dennis 627

Simone and Dennis 676

Simone and Dennis 725

Simone and Dennis 785

Simone and Dennis 799

Simone and Dennis

Simone and Dennis 928

Simone and Dennis 1111

Lotus garden wedding at Byron

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Danni and Ollie’s wedding which was held at the stunning Byron @ Byron resort. The ceremony, conducted by the lovely Chiquita Mitchell, of lifecelebration was held in the Lotus garden which turned out to be a beautiful setting with the light filtering through the trees. Many of the photos were taken on the boardwalks that thread through the resort’s very natural and intact tea-tree wetland. Danni and Ollie live in Townsville and their family and friends flew in from all over the country to be there. They are a truly sweet couple and we were happy to be part of such a beautiful celebration of their love. (And as I always say) here are a few of our favourite photos from the day:

Danni and Ollie 025

Danni and Ollie 104

Danni and Ollie 140

Danni and Ollie 165

Danni and Ollie 186

Danni and Ollie 207

Danni and Ollie 232

Danni and Ollie 299

Danni and Ollie 316

Danni and Ollie 387

Danni and Ollie 399

Danni and Ollie 411

Danni and Ollie 414

Danni and Ollie 444

Danni and Ollie 462

Danni and Ollie 471

Sita and Gareth's wedding at Hosanna

Sita and Gareth put so much love, sweat and tears into their wedding day and were rewarded with a truly beautiful day. The threatening rain held off, they were surrounded and supported by such loving friends and family and there was even a bit of the sunset colour and glow that had been so important to Sita, while planning and dreaming of her wedding and her photos. We all really enjoyed ourselves at the dam - look out for the guys on the diving board!

SitSita and Gareth  038 - Version 2

Sita and Gareth  059

Sita and Gareth  040

Sita and Gareth  043

Sita and Gareth  058

Sita and Gareth  051

Sita and Gareth  064 - Version 2

Sita and Gareth  075 - Version 2

Sita and Gareth  479 - Version 2

Sita and Gareth  098

Sita and Gareth  095

Sita and Gareth  091

Sita and Gareth  113

North Coast wedding for Edwina and Blake

Edwina and Blake’s long connections to the Byron - Mullumbimby hinterland drew them up from Sydney together with their friends and families to hold and celebrate their wedding at the Kohinur Hall in Main Arm. It was an immense pleasure to be part of such a beautiful day, capturing the love that seemed to be flowing in every direction as well as the great party atmosphere - set to a fantastic soundtrack. Their guests also got a kick out of the Nimbin Magic Bus which picked them up in Byron and took them on a magical mystery tour up the winding Main Arm Road. Here are some of our favourites from the day!

A country wedding

The other major highlight in May was the wedding of Melissa and Ashleigh Cruden at the Little Brown Church at Jimboomba. The light in the church set a wonderfully romantic atmosphere and its size made it a very intimate event. We then moved to a racing stable at Biddadabba for photos with the horses and the lovely afternoon light - such a wonderful arrangement after the wet and grey morning and very fitting as they met while working at a racing stable. We wish them years of joy together!

Mel_and_Ash  026 - Version 2

Mel_and_Ash  078

Mel_and_Ash  086

Mel_and_Ash  335

A wedding below Mount Warning

Last month, we had the special pleasure of photographing Cara and Josh’s joyful and love-filled wedding held on Mount Warning Road (near to the place where Josh proposed.) There were so many special elements to this wedding: the orange fairy flower-girls, the smudging ceremony, the warming of the rings, the white horses... so we have put in some of our favourite pictures here that aren’t on the main website.

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