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Frequently asked questions…

… and some helpful answers - we hope! Feel free to contact us for more info or call us on 0488 795141 too.

"We want very candid natural photos, but do you do some formal or group photos too?"

Yes! To tell the story of your day we'll mostly do candid and natural photos as you go about your day and our aim is that you don't really notice us most of the time. However we find that most couples (and their families) would like a few group photos at some stage, as well as the more romantic photos of the two of you. Even then, we try to not be too formal or posed, but to go with your natural energy and emotions. We are happy to talk this over with you when we first meet.

"Do you photograph same-sex weddings?"

Yes!! We would be thrilled to be the photographers for celebrations of love for all couples! We haven't done many yet, but would love to. Wedding photography for us is telling your unique story of your love, your lives and the people who love you!

"How many photographs will we receive and how many will be in black and white?"

It's hard to be exact as each wedding is so different! But from a 6 hour coverage, we will normally give you at least 600 fully edited images. Some weddings lend themselves to black and white more than others and for some weddings we'll also a slightly warmer toned black and white - let us know what you like. On average we would probably have about 10% black and whites and we often do full colour duplicates of the same image. Again feel free to discuss all this and more with us.

"Why would I pay $x for professional photographers, when my cousin has a great camera and will do it for free?"

Well it all depends on how much of a priority your wedding photography is - everyone has different priorities - that's part of our uniqueness!
One way to look at it is - In 10, 20, 30 years from now, what will remain of your wedding? Each other (that's the really special part), your rings, and your stunning photographs - hopefully beautifully displayed in an album, not stuck away in a drawer on a media that you can't read or access anymore!
  • A professional photographer (like us!) will have great gear (probably much better than that cousin of yours). In addition, we are skilled in how to use it in all the varying light conditions and spaces, from the room you are getting ready in through to the reception.
  • A professional photographer has back-up cameras, flashes, cards and batteries, as well as insurance, so they won't let you down.
  • They will be totally focused on capturing amazing images of your wedding, without being distracted by socialising and that wonderful champagne that was flowing.
  • They are used to dealing with and making the most of all the interesting and crazy things that can happen at weddings.
  • They will edit your images to a high standard, putting their own style and slant on them and can offer you a range of ways to display your images to their very best.

Well, thats a few of our thoughts about it - feel free to have a chat with us about this anytime.

"Do you do video too?"

Yes! We can use a static camera to video your ceremony and or the speeches and we also do high quality audio recording. If you are looking for full video coverage and a fully edited video, it's probably best to engage a professional wedding videographer. Our passion and our focus is capturing amazing photographs for you.

"Whats your take on this whole love and marriage thing?"

After 21 great years of marriage we think it can be summed up well in this quote:
We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love.
~Robert Fulghum, True Love
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