The Sculptor and his model

A few weeks ago we finally were able to achieve a long-anticipated photoshoot towards some personal projects. Alan is working on a series on artists at work and Perri on a series of couples living various alternative lifestyles. Ammun and Lisa, were great subjects for both these categories and Ammun’s hand built studio became almost the third personality in the photos - it has so much true character. Here are a few images that we feel come closest to what we were trying to convey:







The maiden and the crone

We were approached by artist, Maya to do a collaborative shoot based on an image she had in her mind of herself as a crone, representing the energy of winter and the winter of womanhood. A dormant Illawarra flame-tree made the perfect setting and we found an afternoon with great dark skies. We used very harsh light to created the cold and stern look we were all seeking. After time in the tree we then explored the more maidenly side of the beautiful Maya with soft natural light in the beautiful dry grass. Hope you enjoy the two different Mayas!

Maya tree and grass  024

Maya tree and grass  044

Maya tree and grass  051

Maya tree and grass  063 - Version 2

Maya tree and grass  099

Maya tree and grass  129

Maya tree and grass  133

Maya tree and grass  139

Maya tree and grass  146

An inspiring artist

Last week, we had a photo shoot with Jhana Bowen with some of his beautiful colourful paintings. The images are for an article that is being written about him and his artwork. We aimed to capture his warmth and the integrity and sensitivity that he imbues into his work (and the rest of his life). You can find out more about him at


Jhana 2

Jhana 3
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