6 women in a pine forest

Last Monday, we joined 6 lovely young women in a pine forest, deep in the Byron Hinterland. We'd been invited to do a creative portrait session in conjunction with the Quintessence Exhibition and Event coming up on 13th August at Kulcha Jam in Byron Bay.
Despite a grey morning, the sun shone from clear skies, streaming through the trees and lighting up the grass and the girls hair. As you will see from the collection below it was a wonderful creative collaboration and so much fun!

6 Women 016

6 Women 032

6 Women 050

6 Women 073

6 Women 074

6 Women 091

6 Women 097

6 Women 103

6 Women 109

6 Women 121

6 Women 127

6 Women 146

6 Women 150

6 Women 169

6 Women 173

6 Women 174

6 Women 191

6 Women 211

6 Women 220

6 Women 232

6 Women 240

6 Women 248

6 Women 256

6 Women 258

6 Women 260

6 Women 272

6 Women 275

6 Women 287

6 Women 299

6 Women 303

6 Women 309

6 Women 320

6 Women 327

6 Women 335

6 Women 347

6 Women 350

6 Women 359

Sylvia and the creek

The other day we went creekside with the very lovely Sylvia Fenwick (who we first met at the Uplift Festival) for an artistic co-creation. The light was slipping behind the hill as we reached the creek, which solved the dappled light problem and created a more moody atmosphere. Alan was wanting to play with some very long exposures to blur the water movement and Sylvia did a fantastic job of keeping still for 4 or 5 seconds at a time. Sylvia was 21 weeks pregnant so her beautiful little bump was very present in all our thoughts.
We can't wait to do some more photographic explorations with Sylvia and some great ideas are already bubbling between us. Hope you enjoy these!



5D3_5042 1











5D315057 1

5D315069 1

Stephanie and Maya

Earlier this month we had the blissful experience of photographing two gorgeous friends, Stephanie and Maya at Stephanie’s home. Within a short distance of the house we found some simple but stunning backdrops for them and were amazed by the range of looks we achieved in such a short time, inspired by their beauty, by the colour of a tree, the constantly changing light, and their sumptuous clothes and other props. We hope you enjoy the worlds we created together. If you’d like to commission us to do a similar nature shoot for you, just give us a call or send us an email.

Steph and Maya 032

Steph and Maya 216

Steph and Maya 066

Steph and Maya 080

Steph and Maya 098

Steph and Maya 125

Steph and Maya 130

Steph and Maya 138

Steph and Maya 144

Steph and Maya 147

Steph and Maya 160

Steph and Maya 184

Steph and Maya 210

Dark goddesses

Last month we got together with Shanne and Jodi, two belly-dancers from Opalesque in Brisbane. This shoot had been quite a while in the planning stage and it all came together in a way that surpassed our expectations. We used a couple of locations that we’d had in mind for years. The changing light and breeze was a major driving force in what we did and led to some things we hadn’t planned - such as the flowing silks on the rock (looks like an operatic stage set to me!). We did a lot of experimenting both in the shoot and in the editing and its left us with so many ideas and so much inspiration for future work.

Shanne and Jodi 049

Shanne and Jodi 101

Shanne and Jodi 144

Shanne and Jodi 185

Shanne and Jodi 251

Shanne and Jodi 256

Shanne and Jodi 291

Shanne and Jodi 295

Shanne and Jodi 304

Shanne and Jodi 326

Shanne and Jodi 335

Shanne and Jodi 354

Shanne and Jodi 391

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