A burlesque shoot goes off on a tangent

We have photographed Maya and Chrissy individually before, and as we had found out they are good friends we all decided to do a shoot with them together. The starting point for this shoot was a white burlesque outfit that we had got hold of plus Maya’s beautiful clothes. I don’t know if it was something astrological, but it didn’t seem the right time or day for burlesque energy and we ended up with something a bit more “morning after the burlesque party-ish” We then moved on to an idea we had pondering for a while incorporating rain and an umbrella. The one of Chrissy is a composite of two photos - a fairly successful experiment that may lead to something else - thats the way if works for us.
Every now and then we are looking for models for a creative project that we are working on. The model receives a disc of images and hopefully an enjoyable and creative experience. If you are interested let us know and send us a photo of yourself and we will keep you in mind when the right project comes up. Contact us.

5DIMG_6494 - Version 2

Chrissy & Maya 116

Chrissy & Maya 087






Kenny Super Chef

Something a bit different for us; a chef shoot!
We love the Uki Cafe, Kenny and his really yummy meals, so it was with great pleasure that we were commissioned to do some promotional shots for him and the cafe. he told us he was’t good in front of the camera but he certainly warmed to it - with some help from a can of oil at times. Have a look below!
Kenny’s uniforms are courtesy of Retrochef.

Kenny 005

Kenny 011

Kenny 035

Kenny 061

Kenny 077

Kenny 132

Dogs of Ukitopia

So many wonderful dogs (and their gorgeous owners) at this years Ukitopia Festival, so I had to revisit my Dogs of Ukitopia project. They were all so beautifully behaved too! Our apologies for any wrong or mis-spelt names.

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 027

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 030Ukitopia 2011 Sat 036
“Suki Lala”

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 085

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 093

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 121

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 145

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 180

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 223

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 245
Unknown on a leash outside the exhibition - too cute to resist!

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 324

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 368
? The Gatt’s pooch

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 527

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 532
“Warria Warria”

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 594Ukitopia 2011 Sat 596
“Harvey” aka the cutest dog in the village!

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 097

Ukitopia 2011 Sat 687

Experiments with a beautiful model

We were thrilled when we met Chrissy recently and found that as well as being very beautiful, she has an adventurous spirit and a creative mind - the perfect model for this moment.
We had been looking for a blonde-haired woman for a photoshoot in the amazing bathtub that a friend of ours had built and tiled for herself. While there we also wanted to create an image using the hand built stone walls of their study and an old-fashioned nightshirt that we borrowed from Leigh of Before and After Bodywear in Murwillumbah. We then went to nearby Cedar Creek for some shots of Chrissy in that beautiful peaceful pool. We were really pleased with our results and are looking forward to the next shoot when Chrissy goes Burlesque!

Chrissy 019

Chrissy 025 - Version 2

Chrissy 38B

Chrissy 056

Chrissy 108

Chrissy 138

Chrissy 149

Chrissy 189

Chrissy 215

The Sculptor and his model

A few weeks ago we finally were able to achieve a long-anticipated photoshoot towards some personal projects. Alan is working on a series on artists at work and Perri on a series of couples living various alternative lifestyles. Ammun and Lisa, were great subjects for both these categories and Ammun’s hand built studio became almost the third personality in the photos - it has so much true character. Here are a few images that we feel come closest to what we were trying to convey:








For quite a while I had been wanting to photograph Jasper. His sensitivity and quiet self-confidence and slightly puckish appearance fascinate me - and I wanted to catch that time where he still has a lot of the child in him, while the teenager and future man is starting to appear. While Jasper and I explored the creeks and special trees on their farm, Alan took photos of the girls and though it was a playful shoot we were pleased with those photos too. Here are some of our favourites:









Portfolio for an actor

This week we were engaged by Elias (who is very engaging) to shoot a series of portfolio shoots that he can use as an actor - sending them to agencies etc. He is very photogenic (even though he said he doesn’t enjoy stills) Here are some of our favourites, showing different aspects of his complex personality.

Elias Fisher 014

Elias Fisher 051

Elias Fisher 064

Elias Fisher 076 - Version 2

Elias Fisher 085

The maiden and the crone

We were approached by artist, Maya to do a collaborative shoot based on an image she had in her mind of herself as a crone, representing the energy of winter and the winter of womanhood. A dormant Illawarra flame-tree made the perfect setting and we found an afternoon with great dark skies. We used very harsh light to created the cold and stern look we were all seeking. After time in the tree we then explored the more maidenly side of the beautiful Maya with soft natural light in the beautiful dry grass. Hope you enjoy the two different Mayas!

Maya tree and grass  024

Maya tree and grass  044

Maya tree and grass  051

Maya tree and grass  063 - Version 2

Maya tree and grass  099

Maya tree and grass  129

Maya tree and grass  133

Maya tree and grass  139

Maya tree and grass  146

Sita and Gareth's wedding at Hosanna

Sita and Gareth put so much love, sweat and tears into their wedding day and were rewarded with a truly beautiful day. The threatening rain held off, they were surrounded and supported by such loving friends and family and there was even a bit of the sunset colour and glow that had been so important to Sita, while planning and dreaming of her wedding and her photos. We all really enjoyed ourselves at the dam - look out for the guys on the diving board!

SitSita and Gareth  038 - Version 2

Sita and Gareth  059

Sita and Gareth  040

Sita and Gareth  043

Sita and Gareth  058

Sita and Gareth  051

Sita and Gareth  064 - Version 2

Sita and Gareth  075 - Version 2

Sita and Gareth  479 - Version 2

Sita and Gareth  098

Sita and Gareth  095

Sita and Gareth  091

Sita and Gareth  113

Lalita - a modelling session

Lalita is a gorgeous young woman with a Scandanavian/Siamese background. She needed some outdoor images for her modelling portfolio and as we absolutely love photographing in nature, it was a valuable session for us all, with the chance for us to push our skills in using flash in outdoor settings. Here are some of the results:

Lalita at Uki  139

Lalita at Uki  206

Lalita at Uki  037

Lalita at Uki  021

Lalita at Uki  059

Lalita at Uki  232

Lalita at Uki  331

The cute boys from Zacalu Zoo

Isaac and Luca are the inspiration behind Zacalu Zoo - a great little shop based in Murwillumbah, specializing in babies and children’s clothes, toys, maternity wear etc. The boys were super active after having spent a few rainy days inside, but we managed to catch a few great moments as they stopped to catch their breath. Chantal loves the photos and we hope they will always bring back great memories of that moment - that stage in the boys’ lives.

Chantal and boys  007

Chantal and boys  012

Chantal and boys  020

Chantal and boys  056 - Version 2

Chantal and boys  063

Chantal and boys  068

Chantal and boys  075

Chantal and boys  079

Chantal and boys  107

Chantal and boys  112

An inspiring artist

Last week, we had a photo shoot with Jhana Bowen with some of his beautiful colourful paintings. The images are for an article that is being written about him and his artwork. We aimed to capture his warmth and the integrity and sensitivity that he imbues into his work (and the rest of his life). You can find out more about him at www.jhanabowen.com.


Jhana 2

Jhana 3

Photo shoot with Deya Dova

Late last year we had the great buzz of working with Deya on images for a remix album that is coming out soon. So we couldn’t show you any of the images until now. We had a great few hours and lots of laughs - unfortunately we can’t show you some of the wilder shots! For more info just go to www.deyadova.com.





Waiting for their first child

Emma and James invited us into their home about two weeks before their baby daughter was due. They were a bit nervous about their portrait session, but soon relaxed in front of our cameras. We believe we captured some of energy of a time of waiting, of just being together anticipating the amazing changes ahead of them!






This young French couple, Morgane and Florian, were holidaying in the Tweed Valley and we had the great pleasure of holding a portrait shoot with them. They were so charming, so photogenic, so .... French!


Mo and Flo  029 Mo and Flo  030

Mo and Flo  061

Mo and Flo  062

Mo and Flo  078

Mo and Flo  080

Mo and Flo  097 Mo and Flo 104 BW

Mo and Flo  116 BW Mo and Flo  125

Mo and Flo  133 BW Mo and Flo 113 BW

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