Pangaia goddesses at the Living Earth Festival

1st of September we were at the Living Earth Festival in Mullumbimby, celebrating the first day of Spring with the lovely ladies of Pangaia!
Pangaia is the shop and fashion label of Jacqeline Sirianni, who engaged us to photograph their roaming performances as well as do a fashion shoot highlighting their amazing outfits. They were really thrilled with what we were able to capture in a very short time. Next year, we want to go back to the festival for a closer look - the gardens were really inspiring.

7D IMG_5706

Pangaia 156

Pangaia 220

Pangaia 243

Pangaia 297

Pangaia 319

Pangaia 373

Pangaia 382

Pangaia 405

Pangaia 470

Pangaia 478

A Fruitilicious Model Shoot

Last month we were approached by Zoe Wechter of Fruitilicious Fashion and Design down in Byron Bay. She was planning a photo shoot for her Autumn / Winter collection and was looking for some llamas to interact with the model in one part of the shoot. We’ve had llamas for years and still have two males, Berry and Druen. Zoe didn’t know we were photographers and had already engaged a photographer, the lovely Carly Brown. They all turned up fairly early on a misty May morning and Zoe and Carly invited us to join in. We all had a ball, the model, Celeste, did a great job and didn’t seem to mind the wet grass and the llamas behaved beautifully! Zoe then used our woodshed for another outfit, which worked out so well. A small black snake was disturbed while they were arranging the firewood in an artistic fashion, but no-one was too bothered by that! Here are some of our favourites. Carly’s great photos of the whole day can be seen on the Fruitilicious Facebook page.

Fruitilicious May shoot 015

Fruitilicious May shoot 010

Fruitilicious May shoot 099

Fruitilicious May shoot 039

Fruitilicious May shoot 136

Fruitilicious May shoot 146

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