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Way back in September (yes I am a bit behind in our blogging!), we once again had the very enjoyable experience of a Midginbil Hill wedding. Hannah and Scott (aka Elwoberto) live in Sydney but love this area and it was the perfect halfway point between Sydney and Townsville where many of their family and guests came from. The weather gods smiled on them, with conditions dry enough for them to have their beautiful ceremony under the fig-tree high on the hill, but with enough clouds to keep their photographers happy - we love that diffused light! At the beginning of their ceremony, Hannah and Scott released a golden balloon in memory of Hannah’s father who is no longer with them. And, that was just the beginning for the tears that flowed at this wedding, including from the celebrant, Debbie, who is an old family friend. After the ceremony, Hannah and Scott were happy to spend some time going for a wander with us in tow and I think the photos we captured show the love and deep friendship that flows between these two. What do you think?

































An elopement at Amazing Wollumbin Palms

Just before Christmas, we photographed Lizzie and Sean’s elopement which they had at Amazing Wollumbin Palms. If you ever want a complete getaway or a very small wedding, this is the place! Even though it was raining close by, the clouds held together and we were able to catch some lovely moments at the ceremony, then down by the creek with its great stone stacks and then at Mavis’s Kitchen where Lizzie and Sean had lunch with their family. They are a lovely couple and we wish them every happiness!

Lizzie & Sean 239

Lizzie & Sean 224


Lizzie & Sean 065 BW

Lizzie & Sean 079 BW

Lizzie & Sean 156

Lizzie & Sean 269

Lizzie & Sean 283

Lizzie & Sean 311b

Lizzie & Sean 317

Lizzie & Sean 416

Lizzie & Sean 431

Lizzie & Sean 470

Lizzie & Sean 504

Ali and Jaye at home

Ali and Jaye were finally in the one place long enough to have us come to their lovely little farm-house at Doon Doon (with the view to Mount Warning that you see below) in order to do a portrait session with them.
We wanted to capture their chilled out alternative life-style (in between all the amazing work and play each of them achieve) and the dynamic between them. At the end, Ponyo had to get in on the act too. We thoroughly loved the time we spent with them again.

Alima and Jaye 020

Alima and Jaye 047

Alima and Jaye 151

Alima and Jaye 155

Alima and Jaye 204

Naomi and Ollie schmoodling at Julita

We had been wanting to photograph Naomi and Oliver for about a year now and it finally all came together (the timing is always perfect - we have to remember that!) The opportunity came at a promotional shoot we did about Julita - the lovely holiday apartment at the back of the Old Convent in Uki. Naomi has had a very successful modelling career and is now getting back into it. They were both really natural and relaxed in front of the camera (though we usually seem to help create that even with people who are usually camera-shy). They certainly had no problem when we asked for more kissing and schmoodling - so in love!

Naomi and Oliver 027b
From the balcony

Naomi and Oliver 050b
The luscious indoor day bed

Naomi and Oliver 070b
Great little spot for chilling out

Naomi and Oliver 112bNaomi and Oliver 119b
General schmoodling

Naomi and Oliver 121bNaomi and Oliver 150b
The gazebo bathhouse

Naomi and Oliver 167b
The outdoor shower with Julita in the background (Oliver foreground)

Naomi and Oliver199cNaomi and Oliver173b
Separate portraits

Naomi and Oliver 203b
and together.

The Sculptor and his model

A few weeks ago we finally were able to achieve a long-anticipated photoshoot towards some personal projects. Alan is working on a series on artists at work and Perri on a series of couples living various alternative lifestyles. Ammun and Lisa, were great subjects for both these categories and Ammun’s hand built studio became almost the third personality in the photos - it has so much true character. Here are a few images that we feel come closest to what we were trying to convey:








This young French couple, Morgane and Florian, were holidaying in the Tweed Valley and we had the great pleasure of holding a portrait shoot with them. They were so charming, so photogenic, so .... French!


Mo and Flo  029 Mo and Flo  030

Mo and Flo  061

Mo and Flo  062

Mo and Flo  078

Mo and Flo  080

Mo and Flo  097 Mo and Flo 104 BW

Mo and Flo  116 BW Mo and Flo  125

Mo and Flo  133 BW Mo and Flo 113 BW

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