Anna's Mokshanna family

Animals are such an integral part of our lives and they often live quietly at the heart of many families. Our portrait shoot of Anna from Mokshanna at Stokers Siding turned into a family photo session with her gorgeous boys, Josh and Janardhan. Buddy wasn’t much into photos (more into swimming and running) but little Chika would have been happy to be somewhere in the mix for every one. The goats, were being goats, as in not sitting still for a second and running riot eating the garden. Such an enjoyable shoot plus it gave us a chance to see more of this gorgeous property (which is available for stays, retreats, and dancing). Its tucked away in a peaceful valley near Stokers Siding, but its only about 15 minutes from Murwillumbah. We’re looking forward to our next visit to catch up with them all again.






7D IMG_6372

7D IMG_6397

7D IMG_6545





2 cats and their people

This year we are launching into a new emphasis in our portrait photography. We call it Nature Connection Portraits. One part of this is photographing animals with their special people (and vice versa). Yesterday I spent some very enjoyable moments with Irene Brown, Professor Robert Pope, Kitty and Moses, all of the Castle on the Hill at Uki. Kitty wasn’t impressed with Moses pushing his way into her photo shoot, but she recovered her composure for some up close portraits and finally a sleep in peace. Here are a few of our favourites:






7D IMG_4059



A girl and her horse

Amy was keen to have some photos with her pony, Beacon, who she’s been riding since she was 11. This was a great opportunity to get some images that we’d had in mind for a while, including capturing them in motion:

Amy has a lovely youthful spirit (despite being all of 25) and a bit of an elvish look, so we also had fun with her fairy wings and put her up a tree!

Also used the flash to capture something different down by the creek. Amy is a hairdresser, working at Uki and Brunswick Heads and did a great job doing her own hair and makeup as well as modelling.

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