Dark goddesses

Last month we got together with Shanne and Jodi, two belly-dancers from Opalesque in Brisbane. This shoot had been quite a while in the planning stage and it all came together in a way that surpassed our expectations. We used a couple of locations that we’d had in mind for years. The changing light and breeze was a major driving force in what we did and led to some things we hadn’t planned - such as the flowing silks on the rock (looks like an operatic stage set to me!). We did a lot of experimenting both in the shoot and in the editing and its left us with so many ideas and so much inspiration for future work.

Shanne and Jodi 049

Shanne and Jodi 101

Shanne and Jodi 144

Shanne and Jodi 185

Shanne and Jodi 251

Shanne and Jodi 256

Shanne and Jodi 291

Shanne and Jodi 295

Shanne and Jodi 304

Shanne and Jodi 326

Shanne and Jodi 335

Shanne and Jodi 354

Shanne and Jodi 391

Pangaia goddesses at the Living Earth Festival

1st of September we were at the Living Earth Festival in Mullumbimby, celebrating the first day of Spring with the lovely ladies of Pangaia!
Pangaia is the shop and fashion label of Jacqeline Sirianni, who engaged us to photograph their roaming performances as well as do a fashion shoot highlighting their amazing outfits. They were really thrilled with what we were able to capture in a very short time. Next year, we want to go back to the festival for a closer look - the gardens were really inspiring.

7D IMG_5706

Pangaia 156

Pangaia 220

Pangaia 243

Pangaia 297

Pangaia 319

Pangaia 373

Pangaia 382

Pangaia 405

Pangaia 470

Pangaia 478

Tatiana belly-dancer

Last month we had a long anticipated photo shoot with one of our favourite belly-dancers, Tatiana, who we first met at the Wild Honey festival a few years back. We hired a hall for the evening, so that we could have a more minimal background and play with our portable flashes’ capability. Our use of high-speed sync and strobe flash certainly pushed the flashes and their batteries. Luckily Tatiana was enthusiastic and tireless as we explored what effects we could create with the interplay of her movement, her silk fans, Isis wings and beautiful costumes! We had a great time and were all more than happy with some of the resulting images:

Tatiana 034

Tatiana 104

Tatiana 109

Tatiana 134

Tatiana 152

Tatiana 161

Tatiana 175

Tatiana 204

Tatiana 216

Tatiana 241

Jamie dancing in the light

Last Wednesday was another rainy day, but in the shelter of Origin Arts Dance Studio we had a great dance and photography session with Jamie Bell. Although her dance style has changed over the years, she hasn’t forgotten how to leap, and was the perfect model and performer for what we were aiming for. It was a great chance to utilize some flash and light modification techniques that we have been exploring. We hope you enjoy the results!

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