A great hide-away at Theresa Creek

Earlier this month, we had a mini-break and our first foray into using Airbnb (yes, late adopters here.) We were looking for somewhere where there was nothing to do, so that we would sit, relax and really spend quality time together. Which we did. We never turned on the TV, we sat on the very unusual deck and watched the cows in the paddock instead. We cooked in the magnificent country style kitchen - pancakes for breakfast- and on the BBQ. The sky is more open there then at our place so we stood out on the grass admiring (and photographing) the stars. So why am I blogging this on our wedding and portrait page? Partly because I could so imagine photographing an event there - a small intimate wedding, or a bride's preparations, or a special family gathering. Also just to share it as I felt we had found a special and very secluded little get-away. Here's it's listing in case you'd like to know more: https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/3190757 and here are a few of the photos we took:













6 women in a pine forest

Last Monday, we joined 6 lovely young women in a pine forest, deep in the Byron Hinterland. We'd been invited to do a creative portrait session in conjunction with the Quintessence Exhibition and Event coming up on 13th August at Kulcha Jam in Byron Bay.
Despite a grey morning, the sun shone from clear skies, streaming through the trees and lighting up the grass and the girls hair. As you will see from the collection below it was a wonderful creative collaboration and so much fun!

6 Women 016

6 Women 032

6 Women 050

6 Women 073

6 Women 074

6 Women 091

6 Women 097

6 Women 103

6 Women 109

6 Women 121

6 Women 127

6 Women 146

6 Women 150

6 Women 169

6 Women 173

6 Women 174

6 Women 191

6 Women 211

6 Women 220

6 Women 232

6 Women 240

6 Women 248

6 Women 256

6 Women 258

6 Women 260

6 Women 272

6 Women 275

6 Women 287

6 Women 299

6 Women 303

6 Women 309

6 Women 320

6 Women 327

6 Women 335

6 Women 347

6 Women 350

6 Women 359

Sylvia and the creek

The other day we went creekside with the very lovely Sylvia Fenwick (who we first met at the Uplift Festival) for an artistic co-creation. The light was slipping behind the hill as we reached the creek, which solved the dappled light problem and created a more moody atmosphere. Alan was wanting to play with some very long exposures to blur the water movement and Sylvia did a fantastic job of keeping still for 4 or 5 seconds at a time. Sylvia was 21 weeks pregnant so her beautiful little bump was very present in all our thoughts.
We can't wait to do some more photographic explorations with Sylvia and some great ideas are already bubbling between us. Hope you enjoy these!



5D3_5042 1











5D315057 1

5D315069 1

Midginbil Magic

Way back in September (yes I am a bit behind in our blogging!), we once again had the very enjoyable experience of a Midginbil Hill wedding. Hannah and Scott (aka Elwoberto) live in Sydney but love this area and it was the perfect halfway point between Sydney and Townsville where many of their family and guests came from. The weather gods smiled on them, with conditions dry enough for them to have their beautiful ceremony under the fig-tree high on the hill, but with enough clouds to keep their photographers happy - we love that diffused light! At the beginning of their ceremony, Hannah and Scott released a golden balloon in memory of Hannah’s father who is no longer with them. And, that was just the beginning for the tears that flowed at this wedding, including from the celebrant, Debbie, who is an old family friend. After the ceremony, Hannah and Scott were happy to spend some time going for a wander with us in tow and I think the photos we captured show the love and deep friendship that flows between these two. What do you think?

































Stephanie and Maya

Earlier this month we had the blissful experience of photographing two gorgeous friends, Stephanie and Maya at Stephanie’s home. Within a short distance of the house we found some simple but stunning backdrops for them and were amazed by the range of looks we achieved in such a short time, inspired by their beauty, by the colour of a tree, the constantly changing light, and their sumptuous clothes and other props. We hope you enjoy the worlds we created together. If you’d like to commission us to do a similar nature shoot for you, just give us a call or send us an email.

Steph and Maya 032

Steph and Maya 216

Steph and Maya 066

Steph and Maya 080

Steph and Maya 098

Steph and Maya 125

Steph and Maya 130

Steph and Maya 138

Steph and Maya 144

Steph and Maya 147

Steph and Maya 160

Steph and Maya 184

Steph and Maya 210

Dark goddesses

Last month we got together with Shanne and Jodi, two belly-dancers from Opalesque in Brisbane. This shoot had been quite a while in the planning stage and it all came together in a way that surpassed our expectations. We used a couple of locations that we’d had in mind for years. The changing light and breeze was a major driving force in what we did and led to some things we hadn’t planned - such as the flowing silks on the rock (looks like an operatic stage set to me!). We did a lot of experimenting both in the shoot and in the editing and its left us with so many ideas and so much inspiration for future work.

Shanne and Jodi 049

Shanne and Jodi 101

Shanne and Jodi 144

Shanne and Jodi 185

Shanne and Jodi 251

Shanne and Jodi 256

Shanne and Jodi 291

Shanne and Jodi 295

Shanne and Jodi 304

Shanne and Jodi 326

Shanne and Jodi 335

Shanne and Jodi 354

Shanne and Jodi 391

Pangaia goddesses at the Living Earth Festival

1st of September we were at the Living Earth Festival in Mullumbimby, celebrating the first day of Spring with the lovely ladies of Pangaia!
Pangaia is the shop and fashion label of Jacqeline Sirianni, who engaged us to photograph their roaming performances as well as do a fashion shoot highlighting their amazing outfits. They were really thrilled with what we were able to capture in a very short time. Next year, we want to go back to the festival for a closer look - the gardens were really inspiring.

7D IMG_5706

Pangaia 156

Pangaia 220

Pangaia 243

Pangaia 297

Pangaia 319

Pangaia 373

Pangaia 382

Pangaia 405

Pangaia 470

Pangaia 478

Elfyn in the Forest, Byron Bay

The other day we had a wonderful collaboration with Elfyn Love, herself a talented photographer, artist and musician. As she is more of a coastal woman these days we chose locations near Byron Bay and some of the beautiful tea-tree forest there. Elfyn’s grey-blue eyes were emphasised by the face-painting she chose for the day and the stunning blue sky. Hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed capturing them.

Elfyn 034

Elfyn 048

Elfyn 052

Elfyn 069

Elfyn 108

Elfyn 116

Elfyn 154

Elfyn 177

Autumn leaves and cool reflections

Today the very stoic Gabrielle came back for another demanding photo shoot with us. We didn’t ask her to sit in a cold creek this time, just on cold damp leaves and an icy cold mirror. We wanted to feature the last of our autumn leaves in a grove of wild persimmons up on our hill. There was no mist to create the rays of light we were hoping for, so we focused on the fallen leaves. Later we worked on some ideas involving a long mirror and some very concentrated light, which we envisaged would work well in black and white. Here are some of our favourites:












Birth of a nature spirit

What a courageous model Gabrielle (Wheelie Wicked Womyn) turned out to be. Must be those years of roller derby that toughened her up! Our prearranged dawn shoot turned out to be the coldest day of the year so far. (Well cold for the Tweed Valley and fairly cool for sitting in a pool in the creek for half an hour!) Alan’s pre-visualized image of the birth of a nature spirit came together really well with the light of the baby (aka the flash) lighting up the beautiful trees and rocks. We then moved into a more usual portrait shoot of Gabrielle in some of her favourite clothes - she had never actually worn the stunning coat dress in the last images before. Thanks again Gabrielle.

Gabrielle 008

Gabrielle 021

Gabrielle 074

Gabrielle 094

Gabrielle 124

Gabrielle 136

Gabrielle 165

Gabrielle 192

Experiments with a beautiful model

We were thrilled when we met Chrissy recently and found that as well as being very beautiful, she has an adventurous spirit and a creative mind - the perfect model for this moment.
We had been looking for a blonde-haired woman for a photoshoot in the amazing bathtub that a friend of ours had built and tiled for herself. While there we also wanted to create an image using the hand built stone walls of their study and an old-fashioned nightshirt that we borrowed from Leigh of Before and After Bodywear in Murwillumbah. We then went to nearby Cedar Creek for some shots of Chrissy in that beautiful peaceful pool. We were really pleased with our results and are looking forward to the next shoot when Chrissy goes Burlesque!

Chrissy 019

Chrissy 025 - Version 2

Chrissy 38B

Chrissy 056

Chrissy 108

Chrissy 138

Chrissy 149

Chrissy 189

Chrissy 215

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