Midginbil Magic

Way back in September (yes I am a bit behind in our blogging!), we once again had the very enjoyable experience of a Midginbil Hill wedding. Hannah and Scott (aka Elwoberto) live in Sydney but love this area and it was the perfect halfway point between Sydney and Townsville where many of their family and guests came from. The weather gods smiled on them, with conditions dry enough for them to have their beautiful ceremony under the fig-tree high on the hill, but with enough clouds to keep their photographers happy - we love that diffused light! At the beginning of their ceremony, Hannah and Scott released a golden balloon in memory of Hannah’s father who is no longer with them. And, that was just the beginning for the tears that flowed at this wedding, including from the celebrant, Debbie, who is an old family friend. After the ceremony, Hannah and Scott were happy to spend some time going for a wander with us in tow and I think the photos we captured show the love and deep friendship that flows between these two. What do you think?

































On the hill at Mavises Kitchen

Petrina and Jeremy let us know that they wanted an intimate and informal wedding that celebrated their family especially their two gorgeous girls. They were surrounded by beautifully supportive friends and family that helped create just that, and we hope our photographs reflect that. Petrina and the girls got ready at Ecoasis, near Uki in the Tweed Valley, then travelled in her brothers gorgeous restored old Holden to Mavis’s Kitchen where the ceremony was held in the open air, surrounded by the amazing ranges including Mount Warning. The reception was then held in the restaurant that Petrina said had inspired them to finally get married, with that famous Mavis’s Kitchen ambience and hospitality. A beautiful day from beginning to end!

J and P 054

J and P 119

J and P 225

J and P 234

J and P 284

J and P 326

J and P 346

Mount Warning wedding

J and P 440

J and P 470

J and P 487

J and P 596

J and P 702

J and P 792

J and P 825

J and P 846

J and P 919

J and P 950

J and P 1029

J and P 1162

Stephanie and Maya

Earlier this month we had the blissful experience of photographing two gorgeous friends, Stephanie and Maya at Stephanie’s home. Within a short distance of the house we found some simple but stunning backdrops for them and were amazed by the range of looks we achieved in such a short time, inspired by their beauty, by the colour of a tree, the constantly changing light, and their sumptuous clothes and other props. We hope you enjoy the worlds we created together. If you’d like to commission us to do a similar nature shoot for you, just give us a call or send us an email.

Steph and Maya 032

Steph and Maya 216

Steph and Maya 066

Steph and Maya 080

Steph and Maya 098

Steph and Maya 125

Steph and Maya 130

Steph and Maya 138

Steph and Maya 144

Steph and Maya 147

Steph and Maya 160

Steph and Maya 184

Steph and Maya 210

Anna's Mokshanna family

Animals are such an integral part of our lives and they often live quietly at the heart of many families. Our portrait shoot of Anna from Mokshanna at Stokers Siding turned into a family photo session with her gorgeous boys, Josh and Janardhan. Buddy wasn’t much into photos (more into swimming and running) but little Chika would have been happy to be somewhere in the mix for every one. The goats, were being goats, as in not sitting still for a second and running riot eating the garden. Such an enjoyable shoot plus it gave us a chance to see more of this gorgeous property (which is available for stays, retreats, and dancing). Its tucked away in a peaceful valley near Stokers Siding, but its only about 15 minutes from Murwillumbah. We’re looking forward to our next visit to catch up with them all again.






7D IMG_6372

7D IMG_6397

7D IMG_6545





A Country Wedding

Last month we had the very great pleasure of photographing Wahleena and Andy’s wedding at Midginbil Hill. I don’t think we’ve ever met a couple who laughed so much and it wasn’t just them, their besties and all their friends and family had such a laid-back and fun time. We even tried something a bit different - the group photo in a long line that we then turned into this little planet image. The wedding was held at Crams Farm under a spreading camphor laurel, with Mount Warning watching over us all. Afterwards we went in two 4WDs up to the giant fig tree. Wahleena had hoped for some photos with cows, but instead we got horses. As photographers we think horses are more photogenic than cows and they seemed to love the attention. Andy and Wal very kindly invited us to stay on an join the reception in the barn and it was wonderful to hear all the stories and once again realise how special it is to at last find the one you love and want to spend your life with. Our warmest wishes to them both and all their family and friends. Perri really enjoyed editing their images and reliving such a warm and wonderful wedding. Here are some of our favourites.

Wahleena and Andy 448

Wahleena and Andy 016

Wahleena and Andy 111

Wahleena and Andy 118

Wahleena and Andy 181

Wahleena and Andy 211

Wahleena and Andy 213

Wahleena and Andy 283

Wahleena and Andy 291

Wahleena and Andy 305

Wahleena and Andy 368

Wahleena and Andy 592

Wahleena and Andy 625

Wahleena and Andy 692

Wahleena and Andy 698

Wahleena and Andy 720

Wahleena and Andy 740

Wahleena and Andy 770

Wahleena and Andy 773

Wahleena and Andy 822

Wahleena and Andy 865

Wahleena and Andy 894

Why use a Pro?

The other day I finally got around to completing my accreditation process with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). What does this mean? Well, for one, my work’s been assessed as reaching a professional standard - I’m putting my portfolio of images below for you to see. It also means our business adheres to a very stringent code of professional practice (but you all knew we were ethical nice guys anyway, right?). It also means I’m committed to ongoing professional development and will probably get more involved in AIPP run events, workshops and competitions, which will all be good inspiration for us both. Yes, even though Alan hasn’t got around to the accreditation, I’ll let him in on all the secret stuff I learn!
So here’s the logo I can now use:

APP_2014_White_TAGLINE-IN med

and here are the images I submitted to the AIPP:

Vibrant Imaging PW 001

Vibrant Imaging PW 002

Vibrant Imaging PW 003

Vibrant Imaging PW 004

Vibrant Imaging PW 005

Vibrant Imaging PW 006

Vibrant Imaging PW 007

Vibrant Imaging PW 008

Vibrant Imaging PW 009

Vibrant Imaging PW 010

Vibrant Imaging PW 011

Vibrant Imaging PW 012

Vibrant Imaging PW 013

Vibrant Imaging PW 014

Vibrant Imaging PW 015

Vibrant Imaging PW 016

Vibrant Imaging PW 017

Vibrant Imaging PW 018

Vibrant Imaging PW 019

Vibrant Imaging PW 020

2 cats and their people

This year we are launching into a new emphasis in our portrait photography. We call it Nature Connection Portraits. One part of this is photographing animals with their special people (and vice versa). Yesterday I spent some very enjoyable moments with Irene Brown, Professor Robert Pope, Kitty and Moses, all of the Castle on the Hill at Uki. Kitty wasn’t impressed with Moses pushing his way into her photo shoot, but she recovered her composure for some up close portraits and finally a sleep in peace. Here are a few of our favourites:






7D IMG_4059



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