Tweed Valley Portrait Photographer

Photo shoot with Deya Dova

Late last year we had the great buzz of working with Deya on images for a remix album that is coming out soon. So we couldn’t show you any of the images until now. We had a great few hours and lots of laughs - unfortunately we can’t show you some of the wilder shots! For more info just go to






This young French couple, Morgane and Florian, were holidaying in the Tweed Valley and we had the great pleasure of holding a portrait shoot with them. They were so charming, so photogenic, so .... French!


Mo and Flo  029 Mo and Flo  030

Mo and Flo  061

Mo and Flo  062

Mo and Flo  078

Mo and Flo  080

Mo and Flo  097 Mo and Flo 104 BW

Mo and Flo  116 BW Mo and Flo  125

Mo and Flo  133 BW Mo and Flo 113 BW

I love photographing babies!!

The past few weeks we had two great photo sessions with babies and their loving families.
The first was with Jessie who was about 9 days old. I just love that slightly other-worldly newborn look as well as watching all the interactions. Here are a few images that aren’t on our main website.

The next week we met up with Renae who we had photographed at two stages of her pregnancy with Lohwana. This gorgeous active little bundle is now 6 months old and already quite at home in front of the camera (well Mum was a model). After a couple of hours of fun, Lohwana had a brief nap and we were able to catch our favourite image of the day: the black and white shown below. Some more images are on our main site.

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